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The project satisfies the priority  “Strengthening the strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels of promotion of socio-economic development” by proposing concrete actions. Under this priority territorial planning Agenda 21 principles are clearly spelled out in the example of possible actions. In addition  to that, the support to local competitiveness in Jordan  and Lebanon is a critical drive of the project.

The two sectors (energy and waste) have been chosen for a number of reasons: energy is integral part of the Mediterranean Solar Plan, ENPI strategy and the Association Agreements, energy and waste are strictly correlated, waste is one of the major producer of energy.

More concretely the Project consists of the following main activities:
•    Support the design of administrative setting in order to facilitate the coordinating mechanism between the intermediate and the municipal level and identification of the eligible territories where the Action will tool place;

•    Running internships for MPCs LAs in EU partners countries;

•    Design and adoption of 4 Local Plans: Two Local Action Plans (LAPs) on Energy and Waste for Jordan and Lebanon and Two Strategic Plans (SP) on Energy for Viterbo and Turin;

•    Define functions  and role of Observatories on Energy in Viterbo, Jordan, Lebanon and on Waste in Turin;

•    Design and running the “Euromed Sustainable Award for Local Authorities”;

•    Design, launch and management  the internship programme for the private sector: “Professional Junior Ambassadors”.

Local Agenda 21 in Territorial Planning in Energy and Waste Management

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